An introduction to Journeys

Journeys is an early release featureThat means we're still adding lots to it, and it may change often. Your feedback is really important, please tell us what you want from it! 

Journeys helps you collect data from your customers in a user friendly way and save it against a lead. You can create as many journey fields as required without lead group constraints.

Journeys can be created for all lead groups or for a specific lead group. When created for all lead groups, only standard fields can be added to a journey which are not lead group specific. When created for a specific lead group, three types of fields can be added and static elements:
  • Standard fields - data fields available on all lead groups
  • Additional fields - data fields specific to a single lead group which are edited in FLG CRM
  • Journeys fields - data fields created in Journeys and only available through Journeys. You can create as many of these as required
  • Static elements - fields to style and format your journey
The Journeys editor is accessed through Settings > Journeys in FLG CRM. Access is controlled by the Administration permission "Enable user to manage forms and journeys". Journeys puts the design and build within any user's reach by using a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface. Anyone can set up a journey in seconds without writing a single piece of code. Journeys supersedes the Forms feature which requires some code writing.

Journeys are run and viewed from the lead summary in FLG CRM via the Journeys drop-down. Only Journeys relevant to the lead group for the chosen lead are accessible. Access is controlled by the Managing Leads permission "Enable access to forms/journeys from lead summary".

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